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Fascism in Popular Culture (Alternate History)
Fascism in Popular Culture
Fascism: A Right-Wing Authoritarian Nationalist Ideology under the belief that a nation must have a government and state that flourishes under Republicanism, Populist Nationalism, Integral Nationalism, Militarism, Corporatism, and Authoritarianism.
Fascist Ideological Books:
- The Doctrine of Fascism (Written by Benito Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile) – 1935/1936
- A National Syndicalist State (Written by Jose Primo Antonio de Rivera) – 1939
- The New Union (Written by Oswald Mosley) – 1946
- United and Strong We Stand (Written by Plinio Salgado) – 1940
- For the National Revolution (Written by Ante Pavelic) – 1942
Post-Fascism: Despite Fascism surviving the Second World War with Italy and Spain’s role as a member of the allies, a new trend arose in Fascism. As opposed to still existing Fascism that appeals to the middle class and upper class, Post-Fascism appeals to mostly working class as a new evolved form of Fascism. How
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Third Positionist United :iconstalkerboy808:stalkerboy808 18 8 Italian Republican Fascist Party :iconstalkerboy808:stalkerboy808 14 3 Indian Front of Fascists (IFF) :iconstalkerboy808:stalkerboy808 7 1
Ideology: Greater Republicanism
Ideology: Greater Republicanism (Or Imperialist Republicanism)
This version of Republicanism emphasized on a more Non-Monarchist and Republican oriented form of Imperialism. Coined by the Italian Fascist Benito Mussolini on height of his power after the assassination of the King along with most of the monarchy by the Nazis, Mussolini in 1936 reformed Italy into a Fascist Republic in his time as acting Regent. However there were issues with naming Italy, initially they were called the Italian Republic, but Mussolini wanted to change the name as it didn't sound intimidating or "prideful" enough, so he decided to make it have a name that emphasized Italian pride and superiority, thus it was renamed the Greater Italian Republic. However, Greater Republicanism wasn't actually founded by Mussolini as he coined the Greater Republic, but rather an American Fascist Revolutionary in the Second American Civil War named James Benedict (who originally a Liberal would eventually rise into power).
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Not Mine, but I thought it would be an interesting topic for Monarchist Fascists or Fascists who support monarchism:

I have seen many Fascists in this subreddit and around the Internet state that they are also monarchist, and I believe that this is a massive mistake.
I do understand why many Fascists are drawn into Monarchism, they want a return to traditionalism and see a monarch as part of that. However, I strongly believe that Fascism and Monarchism, are in most cases, incompatible. You cannot have a king and a strong leader at the same time.
Why is this? Well, to be truly effective, the fascist leader needs to have full control of his people's hearts, there is nothing more obstructive to that than a monarch opposes the rule of the Leader. And because we cannot control the king's opinions, then he must be removed.
Take Italy for example, where King Victor Emmanuel worked to undermine Mussolini , culminating in his betrayal during the 2nd world war.  Mussolini could never rule his people's hearts like Hitler because he had to share them with the king (and the pope).
Fascists must understand that they are revolutionaries, and even if they don't see themselves as such, the establishment does. If the king is part of the establishment you are looking to overthrow, then you must oppose and eventually remove the king
Let's take the Iron Guard as an example of this, King Carol II almost single handedly destroyed the movement and it was he who ordered the arrest of Codrenau and his eventual murder. But despite this, the Iron Guard was supportive of the monarchy until it was too late.
People who are Fascist and Monarchist, how can you justify it while history always shows that monarchs have done nothing but hinder Fascist movements?


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